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 Winter Driving Tips - Part 1


December 22nd, 2011


Is your vehicle ready for winter driving?

Proper maintenance for your automobile is always important, but this especially is true during the winter.

• Check your coolant. Make sure the coolant level is correct and that it is mixed according to the manufacturer’s specifi cations.

• Use a lighter weight engine oil, like 10W40 for easier starts.

• Add dry gas to fuel to prevent the fuel line from freezing.

• Don’t let your gas tank drop below a quarter of a tank.

• Keep your washer fl uid tank fi lled (store extra fluid in your trunk) and be sure the fluid is mixed with an antifreeze agent.

• Inspect your wiper blades to be sure they are working properly.

• Have your battery tested and replace it if it is not working at its peak. Cold weather can run down a battery quickly.

• Make sure tire pressure (including the spare) meets manufacturer’s specifi cations and that tire treads are not worn excessively.

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