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Why Every American Needs An Independent Insurance Agent

While America is being bombarded with cute TV commercials, witty billboards and ear-catching radio announcements from direct writers promising to save us $400 on our current rates, consumers are forgetting about their advocates, the independent insurance agents. We are there to make sure that saving $400 does not jeopardize our clients’ insurance needs.... Read More

Tips to avoid Road Rage

Plymouth Rock Assurance has provided us tome useful tips to avoid Road Rage... Read More

How to avoid those dam ice dams!

Here are some tips from Independent Agents Magazine regarding the build up of ice dams... Read More

Rainstorm Emergency Checklist

Check out this helpful check list from Philadelphia Insurance Companies. It offers prevention steps to take before bad weather strikes. How to prepare can make a big difference!... Read More

Halloween Driving Safety Tips 

Keep the kids safe during Halloween. This helpful article from Progressive can provide some ideas that are especially usefull while there are little children out on the streets... Read More

Halloween Safety Tips and Smart Driving 

New Jersey drivers need to know that twice as many children are killed in pedestrian vehicle incidents during Halloween then at any other time of the year. Learn how to avoid this from happening to you or your children... Read More

Windstorm Precautionary Measures

Use this helpful checklist to take the proper precautionary measures when preparing for a hurricane... Read More

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