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Good Driving Habits Start Early

Starting Early Helps Everyone!

Here are some helpful tips to help your children grow into mature and responsible driver and it starts very young. As soon as they can watch you drive, they are picking up on your good and bad habit. Set a good example because they look up to you... Read More

Umbrella Basics and Beyond

The Most Unappreciated, Underutilized Policy every American Needs to Have:

The Umbrella Policy is not common knowledge, but it should be! Whether it's a supplement to your personal lines policies (Auto/Homeowners) or Extended coverage for your business, it can save you in the event of a major claim... Read More

EcoGreen Home Security Tips

Save Money, Save the Planet!

Creating a lived in look, while saving on expenses can be tricky. You want to deter potential burglars but don't want to leave the lights on or the radio blasting full time. Here are just a few ideas to give you piece of mind so you can... Read More

Cyber Security Insurance - Best Business Practices

A brief description of Cyber Security Insurance courtesy of PIA (Professional Insurance Agents):

Cyber Security Insurance is a catch-all term for policies that can cover hacked computers, virus attacks, denial-of-service attacks, web content liability and other technology related areas. .. Read More

Flood Facts You Need to Know... When to buy? NOW!

Most have personally witnessed family and friends who were caught completely unaware by a flood. They suffered terrible losses to their dwellings and personal property, due to lack of flood coverage. Learn from the mistakes and don't let it happen to you!... Read More

Preparing and Adjusting to Life Changes

We all go through a lot of changes in our lives; some big, some small. Whenever our life changes our insurance needs can and usually do change with it. For most, getting married is one of the first major changes that affect our insurance needs. Adjusting from being on your own to... Read More

Business Property Protection for Winter Weather

Winter storms can bring a whole array of exposures to your buildings and operations. Some regions of the country have experienced record-breaking snowfalls in recent years, which in turn has increased the hazard of roof collapse. All properly built roofs need to be built to withstand snow and ice loads. Building codes and roof loads vary across the U.S. and are based on historical data, such as... Read More

Engagement Ring and Other Jewlery Insurance

Whether your getting engaged or you're already engaged, there's nothing more important than protecting your investment.

It's not the first thing that comes to mind and rightfully so. You are excited, nervous, planning for the right moment... Read More

New Jersey Insurance Policy Discounts and Programs

Are you aware of all the discounts and programs options offered by insurance companies? Part of the value of using an independent insurance agent is ...Read More

It’s winter—pay special attention to fire safety

December, January and February are the leading months for home fires and fire deaths in the United States. On average, more than one-third of home fire deaths in the United States occur during the winter months. Here are tips to help you...Read More

Questions homeowners may have about their property-loss claim following a catastrophic event

When a catastrophic event occurs, you no doubt will feel overwhelmed by the loss and the confusion that follows. Advance preparation is your first prescription for getting through the experience. But, now that you have suffered a loss, you will benefit... Read More

Your homeowners policy and storm damage — what’s covered?

Generally, how does my homeowners policy respond to storm damage to my property?

Your homeowners policy covers most losses that may occur to your dwelling and personal property. Commonly, losses resulting from... Read More

Frozen pipes and other ice and snow damage

My pipes froze and burst, damaging my home. Do I have coverage?

Most homeowners insurance policies, except for the very basic ones, cover damage to the home resulting from broken pipes due to freezing. For example, your insurance company will... Read More

Planning for the interruption of business due to catastrophe

What is business interruption insurance?

As we all witnessed on Sept. 11, 2001, catastrophes can happen suddenly. When the property of a business is destroyed, or access to business property is denied, there follow two potential consequences...Read More

What to do at the scene of an Auto Accident

   If you are witness or involved in an auto accident, here are things you need to do?

1. STOP immediately, but do not obstruct traffic.

2. ASSIST injured. Have someone call police... Read More

Winter Driving Tips - Part 4 of 4

   Because of the cold, winter breakdowns can be deadly, especially when traveling in remote areas. Consider carrying... Read More

Winter Driving Tips - Part 3 of 4

• First and foremost, if you don’t have to go out, don’t.

• If you must drive during a winter storm, turn on your low beams, which provide better illumination in snow than... Read More

Winter Driving Tips - Part 2 of 4

   How can I make my car ready each time I drive? Clear your entire vehicle of ice and snow before you drive. This includes all the windows, roof, hood and trunk. Debris that comes off your vehicle while driving... Read More

Winter Driving Tips - Part 1 of 4

   Is your vehicle ready for Winter driving? Proper maintenence for your automobile is always important, but this is especially true during the winter... Read More

Umbrella Insurance

   Without adequate insurance, one accident might bring down your business. The fact is, many business owners aren’t adequately protected against a catastrophic claim... Read More

New Seat Belt Law in NJ

   Legislation that requires all automobile passengers in New Jersey to wear a seat belt is now LAW! Under the Law's provions, not wearing a seat belt qualifies as a secondary offense, meaning that in order to be stopped... Read More


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