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Insurance Needs change with Life ChangesLife changes can put our emotional state into hyperdrive. What you need to do when you experience a major life change is something you’re probably not thinking about. Your Insurance needs change as your life does and we’ve created a checklist for what steps should be taken after life changing events. From moving out of your childhood home to retirement, all stages and changes in life require adjustments to your financial protection.

You should never feel alone when making these decisions. Finding coverage on your own can be time consuming, confusing, and leave you feeling unassured. We are here to guide you step by step and provide a full understanding of your Insurance coverages.


Understand your Auto Insurance PolicyAuto Insurance

One of the first life changes is purchasing your first automobile. Many young drivers will be added to their parents Auto Insurance Policy, but don’t hesitate to ask your parents about the policy. It’s a great idea to know what is covered and what is not covered. For example, you want to know that if you have a breakdown on the side of the road, your insurance policy has Emergency Roadside assistance! If you need to find your own coverage, call 201-991-8700 or submit a quick quote request online at


Cover your Belongings with a Renters Insurance PolicyRenters Insurance

The next change you may incur is moving out of your parents house. Whether you rent or buy, you will need insurance coverage. A common misconception is that renters personal belongings would be covered by the landlord. This is FALSE! All of your personal belongings need to be covered by a Renters Policy.


You need Homeowners Insurance when buying a homeHomeowners Insurance

If you’re buying a home, then a Homeowners Policy is your next move. Like a Renters policy the Homeowners Policy will cover your belongings in the house, but it will also cover the property itself and provide you with Liability coverage if someone were to get injured on your property. There are other elements of the Homeowners policy that our trained agents can review with you, but these are the most basic elements to be aware of. Call 201-991-8700 to speak to representative or complete a short 5 minute for at to request a quote.


BOP Business InsuranceBusiness Insurance

Plan to open a business? There are a ton of Insurance needs to consider. The most obvious are your Property and General Liability. However, there’s also the need for Workers Comp coverage, EPLI, Cyber coverage and Flood Insurance. Plan to serve alcohol? Then you’ll need Liquor Liability as well. Running a legal, realty, or doctors office then you’ll need Professional Liability and Errors and Omissions Coverage. Whether it’s a Main Street Business or a Specialty business, we have the expertise to help you every step of the way. Call us at 201-991-8700 or request your quote online at


Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life InsuranceLife Insurance

Last, but certainly not least is Life Insurance. This is perhaps the most important coverage you can have. Your need for Life Insurance is constantly changing as you get older. In the simplest of terms, you need to imagine what things would look like if you weren’t around tomorrow. For example, are you are the primary income earner for your family? If so, how will the mortgage get paid if you are gone? Life insurance protects those you will leave behind. It can provide cash payment for Final Expenses, Housing Expenses, Education Expenses for your Children, and supplement your income as your family learns to live without you. There are different types, including term and whole life, insurance to suit every budget. Call 201-991-8700 or click today to get started

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