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Are you aware of all the discounts and programs options offered by insurance companies? Part of the value of using an independent insurance agent is we know all of the discounts and programs available to you. A misconception often made is that an independent insurance agent costs extra and you can get a policy for less by shopping for yourself. FALSE! Contrary to that belief, insurance agents cost you Insurance Discounts and Programsnothing and provide unparalleled value when finding your best policy options.

   The danger of shopping for insurance on your own is you may wind up with higher deductibles and lower coverage limits without realizing it.

Here are a few of the programs that are currently offered:

  1. Combining Home and Auto
  2. Offering Payment Options – Upfront or Monthly
  3. Get Home Safe Program – Free Taxi Service
  4. Snapshot Discount – Up to 30% Savings


For full program details please call our agency at 201-991-8700 or email us your question to 

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