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Whether your getting engaged or you’re already engaged, there’s nothing more important than protecting your investment.

It’s not the first thing that comes to mind and rightfully so. You are excited, nervous, planning for the right moment….

Keeping Jewelry SafeLet us first say congratulations for getting ready for this important stage of your life. We wish you the best of luck and many great years together.

But we need to get serious for a moment. Imagine the consequences of not insuring your investment. It doesn’t matter if you spent $1,000 or $100,000 on the ring. It’s something you worked hard for and saved up money for months! Now the ring is accidentally lost and you didn’t have the proper coverage.

Getting insured is very easy and relatively cheap. If you have a current homeowners policy or renters policy, an “endorsement” can be added to cover the ring in full; should it be lost, stolen or any other covered peril.

Each insurance carrier varies in cost so contact your Independent Insurance Agent for full details. If you live in New Jersey, please contact our office to speak to one of our expert agents.

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