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We all go through a lot of changes in our lives; some big, some small. Whenever our life changes our insurance needs can and usually do change with it.

Life Changes
For most, getting married is one of the first major changes that affect our insurance needs. Adjusting from being on your own to combining insurance policies is an easy process and should not be overlooked. It saves you money and simplifies the clutter of having seperate insurance policies.

Additional Life insurance should be purchased in the event of child birth to protect your loved ones in the event you can no longer provide for them.

Events like graduating college and/or moving out on your own will require you to aquire your own insurance policies. Make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision by cousulting with you local Independent Insurance Agent. For example; Auto Insurance is the first and foremost responsibility when moving out of your parents home. However, it is not the only insurance consideration. Other considerations include, but are not limited to Renters/Homeowners insurance and Life Insurance.

Another major change is opening a new business. This event requires Commercial (Business) Insurance Coverage, Workers Comp and we also recommend an Umbrella Policy to protect you in the event of a catastrophic liability claim.

Other Life changes also require adjustments to your existing insurance policies or new policies to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets. If you are unsure if your life event needs additional insurance or adjustment, please contact us to speak to an expert agent. We will be happy to guide you through what is best for you!

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