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Security System & Savings

You can get a Security System & Savings all with little to no cost to you.

A security system can help you save on your Homeowners insurance. Many Carriers offer discounts for Homes and Apartments with Professionally-Monitored security systems.

Current customers can request an “Insurance Certificate” from their monitoring company and forward the certificate to their Customer Service Representative.

Non-customers can Request a Quote online and submit their “Insurance Certificate”, along with current policy documents.

Details for Security System & Savings: 

  • The savings on Homeowners insurance will help off-set the cost of a Central Station Monitoring plan.
  • Many customers save enough to pay for Central Monitoring completely
  • Some customers enjoy enough savings to pay for Central Monitoring AND more!
  • Rest easy knowing that you have created a safer environment for you and your loved ones
  • Check out an example of the Savings and Safety


Your actual savings depends on your home’s size and location, your insurance carrier, your premiums, and a number of other factors. 

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average homeowners insurance policy premium is $1211*. As an example, if this is your annual insurance premium, and your insurance carrier offers a 10% insurance discount for a professionally monitored alarm system, you could enjoy a savings of $121 each year on your insurance premium. 

The average insurance discount ranges from 2% to 15%* so your actual savings may vary


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